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Side Quest Sideshow

Terra Reforma Book 2

Book Cover: Side Quest Sideshow
Part of the Terra Reforma series:

Phase Gannon and Kym Bit aren’t trapped in a video game, but they might as well be. There’s nothing left for either of them in the cyberpunk dystopia of real life Old SD.

Besides, the post-apocalyptic MMORPG game world of Terra Reforma still holds plenty of the comforts of the Old World. Take the still-mostly-standing WonderL@nd theme park, for instance. Sure, it needs a new coat of paint or two, but the sights are still worth a look so long as your armor is good enough. It’s also the only thing that stands between the fledgling Smuggler Phase, veteran Hacker Kym, and the land of opportunity that is Lost Angel City.

All they have to do is party up and fight their way through the four factions that reign over WonderL@nd. Maybe they would have been better off taking the long way around. Too late for that now- besides, more mobs mean more loot, right?

In this online amusement park, it’s not the cheap thrills that will kill you. It’s the locals that run the place.

Side Quest Sideshow is book 2 of the Terra Reforma LitRPG Series.


“I’m not trying to get poisoned to death,” Phase told her.

“Neither am I,” she replied. “The poison would send us both to the Float. And Toxic Yellowjackets aren’t the kind of monster we have of a hope of outrunning.”

“Anything we have to worry about on the inland route besides raiders and a few gankers?”

The biggest obstacle of Option B stood in the middle of the Urban Sprawl. “Wonderl@nd. It’s the gateway from this side of the map into the next. We’ll have to go through it to get to the outskirts of LA City.”

“Wonderl@nd? That doesn’t sound so bad.”

“I’ve never been, so I can’t say for sure. But don’t expect it to be a walk in the park. Come on, we’ll have to backtrack a little bit to get on the right highway.”


As much as Kym desired the shortest possible trip to Lost Angel City, she wasn’t exactly disappointed at skipping the poison path. She had encountered the Yellowjackets before once before. Once was enough. She survived the ordeal with nothing short of three different toxic stings. It took a bagful of chems to keep her heart pumping long enough to find a med center. The pain was so excruciating that the med drone opted to knock her out with tranquilizers for three days. In other words, it was not an experience she was looking to repeat.