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Project Battle Royale

The rules are simple. 100 players plunge out of a plane onto the virtual battlefield. 98 of them will exit in a body bag.
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Terra Reforma

A man searches for his past inside of a post apocalyptic video game. A woman on the outside tries to erase him.

The Hunter's Den

A grieving young woman discovers Vampires are so much more refined then the hunters that chase them.

About Genre Fiction Publisher Savage Tiki Time

Savage Tiki Time is a publisher of cutting-edge genre fiction and alternative media. Winner of the National Book Award in 1963 as well as the Joaquín Gallegos Lara National Fiction Prize, Savage Tiki Time puts out literature that blurs the boundaries between genres, while simultaneously creating new media in the form of Old Time Radio Broadcasts for YouTube and podcasts as well as atmospheric video content

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Scifi, Horror, Urban Fantasy, Noir, Cyberpunk​. What do they all have in common? Cigarettes and deception.

Old Time Radio

Reading makes you smarter. But it's difficult! If only someone could do that reading for you, and add music and sound effects.

Reading Ambience

Providing the latest in atmospheric ambience to set the perfect mood for that book, as well as insight into the creative process.

Featured Book:

But even without a ceremony, there is still the problem of the body. Roberto says he has a system to get rid of it. Not sure why he needs a system different from the one the Deadr executives cooked up. The developers, the investors, the people at the big table, those are the ones that get to make the decisions. Roberto and I, we just do what the app tells us. The instructions come one simple step at a time. The executives assume that I’m an idiot and they do not want me to become overwhelmed. If I get overwhelmed I’ll get confused, they think. If I get confused I’ll end up delivering the wrong Parcel, maybe one that is still breathing. What a disaster for the shareholders that would be.


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